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Designing an Amish Pavilion to Fit Your Lifestyle

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When you start out designing your own Amish pavilion, it can be an exciting but overwhelming process. With plenty of ideas for your new central piece of your backyard, it is very easy to get caught up in all the little details such as paint colors, window shapes, door styles, siding options, not to mention all the little accents you want to add to your design.

At Pleasant Run Structures, we want to work with you to build the perfect Amish pavilion that compliments your house and also your lifestyle. That is why it is so important to decide what type of pavilion is best suited for you.

Pavilions are an excellent way to elevate the status of your home so you need to first decide what you will use it for when you decide to invest in one. There are quite a few trendy ways to make your pavilion unique so we want to break them down for you. At Pleasant Run Structures, we want to build you a custom piece that is everything you dreamed about and is sure to make your neighbors envious.


A poolside pavilion not only enhances your backyard but it also can make a pool day much more enjoyable. Pleasant Run Structures can customize your pavilion to include all the essentials you need.

Instead of having to run back into the house and track wet footprints for a bathroom break, adding one to your Amish pavilion can be very convenient. Also, adding a changing room stacked with clean towels is perfect for guaranteeing privacy and another way to get in and out of your bathing suit without dripping water everywhere.

Open pavilions are the best way to have your outdoor living be out of the sun. Having a lounge chair area or a seating arrangement in the shade is ideal for having a little escape from the heat.

If you are someone who loves to throw pool parties, especially with kids, a poolside Amish pavilion will be a centerpiece for your fun in the sun.

A Second Home

In a way, you can think of your pavilion as a smaller version of your home. It can be another living space for the family and guests to meet, or your own little private paradise by making some additions so you have all the necessary amenities that you want..

Amish pavilions offer the space for a kitchen equipped with appliances including a refrigerator. It would be the perfect place to whip up something quick or have an area to make some snacks when you’re hanging out. Also, a refrigerator stocked with refreshments would be excellent for someone coming right out of the pool.

For more adult parties, a bar in your pavilion would be essential. It would be a focal point of the party where you can impress by mixing cocktails for your guests.

Some amenities that can also be added to your pavilion could be a ceiling fan, a large flat screen TV, a state-of-the-art surround sound and recessed lighting, making it a highlight of your home.

Entertaining Guests

If entertaining is your thing, an Amish pavilion can be the perfect outdoor space for a night your guests will not forget. Find the perfect dining or couch set so you can gather with friends and serve anything from drinks to cheese boards to full meals.

Also with a roof, your pavilion will protect you from any unexpected summer rain showers so you can continue your party.

Fire pits and fireplaces have been another trend in pavilions over the past few years. They are a great way to spend time outside on chillier nights. Just imagine relaxing underneath a pavilion on a couch outside with blankets and a fireplace and making s’mores — sounds heavenly.

Here at Pleasant Run Structures, we pride ourselves in the high quality of our pavilions. Where many other companies fall short, we have spent years developing our structures to look elegant while having the ability to withstand heavy snow and fierce winds. Visit our website, or call us at 1-800-440-2138 to start designing your custom Amish pavilion today.

Measure Twice Before Deciding the size of your Pavilion

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Size matters, right? We’ve all heard plenty of jokes about the topic, but when it comes to an Amish pavilion in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures, size really can matter.

Depending on the way you plan to use your Amish pavilion in New Jersey, picking the right dimensions for your pavilion can have a big impact on what you’re able to do beneath it when it’s finished. Pavilions can be used to provide a small area of shade where people can get out of the sun, or be built to include an extravagant outdoor living area that includes a kitchen and a large table.

People can sometimes confuse a pavilion with a pergola, but there’s one distinct difference — a pavilion has a solid roof while a pergola does not. The solid roof will protect anything located beneath it from direct exposure to the elements, but unless your Amish pavilion in New Jersey has a wall or two, you’ll need to cover your furniture or kitchen area when winter arrives to keep rust and moisture from damaging your belongings.

Pavilions are really a blank canvas when you get started. They can be simple or elegant — it all depends on what you envision for it. At Pleasant Run Structures, we have a team of designers and construction professionals who have years of experience in creating the right style, size, and look for your backyard pavilion.

As mentioned before, smaller pavilions can serve as a shade structure adjacent to a swimming pool where your children or guests can escape the sun, rest, and hydrate before getting back in the water. Smaller pavilions, much like gazebos, can also be used as sitting areas where people gather to have cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while enjoying a fantastic view from your yard.

The larger the pavilion, the more fun you can have dressing it up. A large Amish pavilion in New Jersey can include a built-in barbecue, a kitchen area that features a sink, refrigerator and cooking surface, or a bar where you and your friends can watch a big-screen television and enjoy the weekend’s big sporting event.

Many people build large pavilions so they have an area to entertain when the weather is the best. A 12’ x 20’ pavilion is large enough to include an eating area and an area for nice outdoor furniture where friends and family can relax and chat about the good old days.

All you have to do to make your Amish pavilion in New Jersey a reality is make the call to Pleasant Run Structures today. Our team is ready to speak to you about your dreams for your backyard living area and what you want it to look like. Our construction team can build wood pavilions that can be painted or stained to complement your home, or if you’re looking to save some money, we can assemble a vinyl pavilion that will look great and reduce the maintenance and upkeep required of a wood pavilion.

Call Pleasant Run Structures today at 908.237.1325 and get your project started. If you need some inspiration, go to https://pleasantrunstructures.com/structures/poolside-pavilions/ and take a look at our online portfolio of custom-built pavilions that we have put together for some of our clients. We think you’ll like what you see.

3 Key Things to Consider While Buying an Amish Pavilion

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Looking to spice up your backyard? A high quality outdoor pavilion might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a new homeowner, looking to furnish your backyard, or just wanting to spice up your patio, there are always a couple of key things to keep in mind in purchasing your pavilion.

1.What is an Amish pavilion?

An Amish pavilion is a canopy-like wooden or vinyl structure for your outdoor living space, used to shade you from the sun or protect you from stormy weather.

2. What’s the difference between Amish pavilions and gazebos?

If you’re looking to fill your outdoor space with some sort of wooden structure and don’t know where to start, consider your options. Gazebos tend to be a more well-known structure than Amish pavilions, so here are a few distinctions between the two:Pleasant Run Structures New Jersey Gazebos

3. What types of Amish pavilions are there?

This infographic gives you a very brief overview of the distinctions between each pavilion type.  These are meant to give you ideas of what you want your pavilion to look like. Building a pavilion is a creative process that you should be a part of. Check out our other blog post about designing your dream Amish pavilion for more inspiration.  Because a pavilion is going to be in your backyard for a long duration of time, you should definitely be getting something that you really want.  We’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Pleasant Run Structures New Jersey Structures

These are meant to give you ideas of what you want your pavilion to look like. With these key points, you’re ready to choose a wooden pavilion that’s perfect to host your friends and family.

We’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish. Contact our team at 908-237-1325 or email us through a contact form. We’re open year round in Flemington, NJ, and Parsippany, NJ, and we deliver to anywhere in the U.S.

How to Design Your Dream Amish Pavilion

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Are you toying with the idea of building an Amish pavilion in New Jersey, but you’re not sure if there are space or design limitations that may affect your decisions?

Fortunately, backyard pavilions are a blank canvas. An Amish pavilion in New Jersey can be as large or small, luxurious or comfy, or modern or traditional as the homeowner desires. There seems to be only one guideline — be as creative as you’d like.

Outdoor pavilions have been enjoyed for centuries, including by the British elite who entertained royalty and guests under stately structures where being outdoors under the cover of a roof or a similar type of canopy was considered a symbol of status and wealth.

Today’s pavilions can also be a sign of wealth and status, but are more often an extension of a person’s home where family members can enjoy mingling in the shade during the day or enjoy the satellite skies at night.

The design capabilities of an Amish pavilion from Pleasant Run Structures are limitless. There can be a roof to protect people from the elements, or an open or partially open structure that allows the sun to beam through during the day or gives people spectacular views of the stars at night. There can be three walls or no walls, and amenities are only limited by your budget. Or perhaps a pergola is more to your liking?

At Pleasant Run Structures, we can design the perfect retreat for you and your family. All you have to do is contact a member of our design team and get started on your project. We have the engineering expertise to create a beautiful yet structurally-sound pavilion that will stand up to the snow loads and extreme temperatures of the Northeast or the hurricane-force winds of Florida and the Gulf Coast.

You should always be sure to have a look at what you’re getting in person before making the investment. Or, if travelling is too cumbersome, be sure to speak with a dedicated sales representative from your desired company.

Pleasant Run Structures has two locations where examples of an Amish pavilion in New Jersey are on display. Pleasant Run has outdoor showrooms in Flemington, NJ, or Parsippany, NJ, where visitors can browse through pavilions that could create an outdoor living space and sanctuary to be enjoyed for years at your home.

We manufacture four specific types of pavilions.

  • Preston Pavilion: This versatile pavilion is Pleasant Run’s most popular. The design screams entertainment with a covered living space and room for a bar, seating area, or built-in barbecue or kitchen. Columns can be covered with custom millwork or stone and accessorized with sconces, hanging plants, or other items.
  • Newport Pavilion: Designed for parties and outdoor gatherings, this pavilion adds style and grace to any outdoor venue. Pair it next to a pool or as an extension of a patio or outdoor living area, and your backyard will become a popular social spot. Customize the inside to create a changing room, shower, bathroom, or lounge area. Let your imagination take over.
  • Doherty Pavilion: Elegant double doors, windows and a porch framed with columns make this pavilion feel like it was lifted from a Southern estate. The A-frame cathedral ceiling can include a full or partial loft for storage space.
  • Cabana Pavilion: Start the party with drinks while you relax around a bar that can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. Add a grill, small refrigerator, or stone countertop to up the fun. Siding options can make your cabana classy or dressed-down.

Get in touch with a Pleasant Run Structures’ representative today at 908.237.1325 to schedule a consultation, or visit our online pavilion portfolio. Whether you need a pergola or pavilion, we can build the outdoor structure you’re seeking.