Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Shed or Pool Cabana from Pleasant Run Structures?

We manufacture our structures alongside our Amish Family. You will receive a higher quality shed/pool cabana, at a fraction of the cost of other stores. You will receive customer service that we are proud to stand behind. We have such a close relationship with our Amish Family that we can provide you with a custom structure that would be one of a kind.

How do you compare to the other Shed or Pool Cabana companies listed on the Internet?

We believe in offering our product at a cost you can afford. Our product has been tested in the real world for over 25 years (longer than most of our competitors), and is a fraction of the price. All of our units can be modified to suit your needs exactly.

Will my structure pass my local building codes?

Our structures have always been approved by local municipalities. In a few cases, the installer had to make minor modifications which can be easily done at the time of install. Building codes differ greatly from one town to the next. Always go to your town first and gather information. We have available basic schematics that towns can look at and let you know ahead of time if alterations need to be made. An example would be the use of hurricane straps. We do not use the standard because most codes do not require them. If your town does you need to purchase them separately and have them available for your installer. Click here for more information about permits and zoning.

How is my Shed or Pool Cabana going to be delivered?

We deliver either in one piece or in kit form. Our Shed pricing sheet has the preassembled price. Please discuss with a sales representative what the minimum requirements are for accessing your pad site. If we are unable to access your pad site, you will need to order your Shed in kit form and have us build it on site.

How long does a typical shed installation take if I purchased a structure in kit form?

Our crews should be able to finish the job in under 8 hours.

What does the Shed or Pool Cabana rest on?

The Shed or Pool Cabana can either be built on a gravel pad or a concrete slab. If you choose to have a floor, each Pool Cabana will come with concrete blocks and rot resistant cedar shims. Sheds will rest on the pressure treated runners that are attached to the bottom of the floor. When the floor is deleted for either product, the sill plate is pressure-treated. A concrete pad should be poured to the specs provided by Pleasant Run. Click here for more information about foundations.

Can I supply my own shingles and vinyl to match my house?

We offer a wide selection of colors and styles. If none of these are what you are looking for a credit will be issued to the order. Please confirm the quantity of shingles or siding needed if you are having Pleasant Run build your Shed or Pool cabana so that we have enough to finish the job. Or you can provide us with the brand and product number and we will be happy to get whatever is needed.

How can custom these sheds get?

We specialize in listening to what our customers want. We could be like all the other companies out there and stock 20 of the same cookie cutter sheds and hope to sell them, but instead, we take pride in providing elegant structures, each one unique.

What is the warranty information of these sheds and pool cabanas?

The shingles found on either the Shed or Pool Cabana lines are covered by the shingle manufacturers and vary from 30 years to 35 years. The siding is also warrantied from the siding manufacturers. We personally warranty our Sheds and Pool Cabanas to be free from manufacturing/Installation defects for a period of one year after delivery. Our Shed line has a 10-year manufacturers Warranty. A copy of the warranty is available on our site.

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