Permits and Zoning Information for Your Structure


Each and every town has their own requirements for buildings. These measures are put into place primarily for safety reasons, but also to limit what home owners are allowed to do. Whether you need a permit or not depends upon what size structure you are shopping for. You should contact your town for more information as they are also there to answer all of your questions. If more information is needed to give to the town, please contact us and we will be ready to assist.



Applying for a permit

In the event that you need a permit, you should obtain an application from your municipal zoning office. Ask the clerk what requirements you need to fulfill in order to receive a permit. They will usually require a small fee, simple drawings of your yard and the location of the pad site, and possibly some floor plans that we will be happy to send to you if needed.




We do have available generic floor plans which are used in assisting our customers get the approvals that they need for a permit. All of our Sheds and Pool Cabanas are engineered to conform to even the most stringent building codes. If the plans we send you are not enough to appease a town official, please give us a call and we will assist with getting him the information needed to get your project up and going. We have a full staff of experts ready to create any drawing needed.



Side Notes

We have never had a Shed or Pool Cabana not meet the requirements of a town building official. Our Pool Cabanas for example, are found as far south as Florida’s hurricane belt, and as far north as Quebec, Canada where snow loads can’t be matched here in the United States. All of our Sheds or Pool Cabanas can be modified to meet the different building codes of individual towns. If for any reason a permit is not granted we guarantee your full deposit back on any product that has not reached production. Please apply for any permits well in advance of when you plan to give us the order to begin production.

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Shed Sizes

We build your structure to any size you want. Below are popular sizes. Click on the popular sizes to get a rough idea of how these sheds fit your needs.

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