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Take Steps for Successful Delivery of your Amish Storage Building

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Delivery day for your Amish storage building has arrived.

You’ve worked your way through the list of items that need to be confirmed before your Amish storage building can be delivered to your home by Pleasant Run Structures..

You’ve checked in with the building department in the community where you live to determine if a permit is required for your Amish storage building. If a permit is required by the tow, you have it in your possession.

You’ve created the right type of foundation to support your Amish storage building. The first thing the delivery crew from Pleasant Run Structures will do when it arrives at your home is ask for the location of the foundation. If the foundation does not meet the specifications of the storage building that is being delivered, there could be delays in placing your shed, additional costs to create the necessary foundation, or additional fees charged because the delivery could not be completed.

Pleasant Run Structures wants the delivery of your Amish storage building to be accomplished without delays or extra costs, so here are the steps we will take to make sure that happens.

  • We will call ahead: When you purchase your Amish storage building, you will be given an estimated delivery date. You should assume that is the date your storage building will be delivered and make all necessary arrangements to be ready on that date. However, the scheduling department at Pleasant Run will contact you before a delivery date is set to ask about the progress of the foundation. If the foundation is ready, a delivery date will be set.
  • We are flexible: Pleasant Run does not give our customers a “take it or leave it” delivery date. We will work around your schedule because we have our own delivery service and want to make your delivery as convenient and trouble-free as possible.
  • Finding your home: The day before your Amish storage building is delivered, our delivery team will contact you to discuss the travel route and provide you with an estimated time of arrival. If there are potential issues along the travel route (low bridges, tight corners, power lines), it would be helpful to alert our delivery team to any possible problems. It will also make your delivery smoother.
  • Clear the area: You will probably have a pretty good idea how our delivery team will enter your property to get the storage building to the foundation. Making sure the path to the foundation is clear of patio furniture or other possible obstructions will be helpful. Cut back shrubs, tree limbs, or other plants that might be in the way. Also, providing our delivery team with the location of lawn sprinklers or septic tank lids could prevent unnecessary damage to your home.

It’s easy to make the delivery of your Amish storage building fast and easy, just by following a few steps. Our team at Pleasant Run Structures will discuss these steps with customers when they purchase a storage building, and we are available to answer questions by calling 908.237.1325. You can also visit our website at https://pleasantrunstructures.com/ for more details.

Add Some Bling to your Amish Shed from Pleasant Run Structures

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There’s no reason Amish sheds in New Jersey have to be boring. There are plenty of options available at Pleasant Run Structures to make any shed more than just a place for tools, lawn equipment, or pool supplies.

Pleasant Run Structures can make Amish sheds in New Jersey match the exterior features of a home, or be designed to fit perfectly into a garden setting, or adjacent to a swimming pool. All you have to do is communicate your design wishes to our construction team and we’ll make it happen.

Amish sheds in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures can be pre-built, or built on site if the customer desires. Foundations for any size custom-built Amish sheds can be installed by Pleasant Run Structures. Be sure to ask your sales associate for specific details about how your foundation needs to be installed.

Here’s a list of some of the options we can add to Amish sheds in New Jersey to make your building stand out from any other backyard storage shed in the neighborhood.

  • There’s nothing like stone: Dress up the façade of your garden shed with a stone veneer that matches to the stone on your home, or the stone walls that are used to create planting beds or elevated areas in the yard.
  • Rock the roof: Every outdoor structure comes with a choice of four styles of asphalt shingles. That’s definitely a nice look. But what about making a statement with a metal or copper roof, or even wood shingles? All three are available and will give your shed a great look!
  • Cap it with a cupola: Regardless of the material that covers your roof, add some flair with a custom cupola. There are cupolas in sizes and styles for every roof, and if you want to add even more flair, add a weather vane to the top of the cupola.
  • Windows with wow factor: Just because it’s an equipment shed, it doesn’t mean the interior shouldn’t be exposed to great natural light. The wide variety of window options are limitless. Add a picture window, casement, double hung, awning, or slider. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Accessorize with accents: Just like the inside of your home where custom millwork can bring a room to life, the same can be said for your shed. Adding a planter box under a window, finishing the windows with casement and trim, or adding shutters to the windows can really add style to your shed.

Pleasant Run Structures has two locations where you can find high quality Amish sheds in New Jersey. Walk through our outdoor showrooms in Flemington, NJ, and Parsippany, NJ, and see the styles and sizes of sheds that are available. If you don’t see a style that you like, sit down with one of our sales associates and create the shed of your dreams.

Give Pleasant Run Structures a call today at 908.237.1325 and schedule a free consultation or visit https://pleasantrunstructures.com/ and take a look at our online portfolio. When you see some you like, give us a call and we’ll let you know if we have that particular model at one of our locations. We’ll see you soon!