Why an Amish Pergola is Perfect for Every New Jersey Home
Pleasant Run Structures Flemington Amish Pergola in New Jersey

Why an Amish Pergola is Perfect for Every New Jersey Home

Article was published on: 10/18/21

As the summer season winds down, the reasons for New Jerseyans to own a pergola stay just as plentiful. Homeowners can enjoy many benefits from installing an Amish pergola in New Jersey throughout the year. These beautiful and versatile structures bring life to outdoor spaces and can be a cost-effective solution to manage the weather and even raise a home’s value.

Here are our top three reasons to own an Amish pergola in New Jersey:

Outdoor Utility

An Amish pergola in New Jersey allows you to have the best of both worlds with sunlight and shade without the hassle of a retractable umbrella or awning. The pergola’s unique lattice roof allows for a perfect balance of shade and natural light. This design not only allows plant life to grow on the structure but also serves as a cost-efficient and natural solution for outdoor temperature control without wasting electricity.

Building an Amish pergola in New Jersey lets you enjoy the sun in fall and winter while also keeping you cool during the dog days of summer, allowing you to get the most use out of your outdoor spaces year-round.

As permanent structures with open roof designs, pergolas do not need to be stowed away for New Jersey winters. Their small footprint allows them to be easily installed in most spaces, and quickly improve the comfort and utility of outdoor furniture, pools, patios, and more. With quality Amish construction built to withstand hurricane-force, they are one less thing on the winter checklist.


Pergolas can be built independently of other outdoor structures or can be built adjacent to or overtop of existing outdoor furniture and fixtures. Amish pergolas not only provide shade and shelter for outdoor spaces, but can also broaden the appearance of buildings, make architecture and landscaping more cohesive, and even hide unsightly structures such as power transformers. It is easy to see why the pergola has remained a staple of outdoor spaces worldwide for centuries.

Pleasant Run Structures’ Amish pergolas can be built to match any style of home and seamlessly blend with the landscape to instantly improve the appearance and functionality of their surroundings.

Property Value

Pergolas remain one of the most cost-effective projects to improve the value of a home while also improving the functionality of outdoor living spaces. With quality Amish-built construction, these structures will last for many decades to come and last through any and all-weather.

The longevity of these structures, combined with their unmatched utility and appearance serves to greatly impact the valuation of a home compared to those without an Amish pergola in New Jersey. For residents and business owners looking to liven up and tie together an outdoor space, there are few solutions more cost-effective and impactful than installing an Amish pergola or pavilion on your property.

Pleasant Run Structures can help find a solution to fit your needs, regardless of budget or space. Please call 1-800-440-2138 to speak to one of our design specialists, or visit us here.

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