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What’s Best for your Yard: A Pergola or a Pavilion?

Article was published on: 10/15/20

Customers frequently ask the staff here at Pleasant Run Structures what’s the difference between an Amish pergola and an Amish pavilion, and which one would be the best option for their home?

While either would be a beautiful addition to any backyard or outdoor living area, the primary difference between the two is the Amish pavilion is an enclosed structure and the Amish pergola is not. Breaking it down further: a pavilion has a roof and a pergola does not.

An Amish pergola is an outdoor structure with cross rafters and no walls. In most cases, a pergola is a freestanding structure, but it can be attached to another structure.

An Amish pavilion is built with a solid roof and usually has at least one solid wall. It creates an outdoor room because it provides shade and some protection from the elements, depending on how many walls it has.

At Pleasant Run Structures, we sell custom-built pergolas and pavilions to match any specifications. Our design team works with homeowners and builders to create a structure that will provide a backyard sanctuary where people can host events, have fun with the family or just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Here are three reasons to buy an Amish pergola from Pleasant Run Structures.

  • Let the sun shine: If you’re a sun worshipper, a pergola is a great decision. Because there’s no solid roof, you can relax in the sun, read a book, have a drink, take a nap or work on the suntan.
  • Unleash your green thumb: Pergolas are great for plants and shrubs. Add lattice to one side of a pergola and create an area where climbing vines can grow and provide shade. Hanging plants will thrive in the open air and indirect sun.
  • Add some sizzle: Draping fabrics from the top of your pergola can add a design element, and provide more shade when the weather turns hot and sticky in the summer.

Heirloom quality goods shouldn’t be inaccessible. We’re here to bring high quality to every home in America.

Here are three reasons to purchase an Amish pavilion from Pleasant Run.

  • Be a design star: There are few limitations when building a pavilion. You start with a sitting area and add to it. Create a bar, an island or add a gas barbeque to grill and entertain. The sky’s the limit.
  • Get out of the sun: A pavilion adjacent to a pool can provide a welcome retreat from the sun — and keep kids and family outside when they’re not in the water. Eat, relax and play games outdoors.
  • Great place to entertain: A lavish custom pavilion can be an outdoor dining area, a terrific spot for wine tasting, or just an elegant place to sit and chat with friends and family. There are no bad options once it’s built.

If you’re considering a pavilion or pergola for your home, call Pleasant Run Structures today at 908.237.1325 and speak to a member of our design team. We have showrooms in Flemington, NJ, and Parsippany, NJ, for people to take a look at the pergolas and pavilions we have on display.

We look forward to working with you!

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