What to Look For in a Safe Swing Set for Children
Pleasant Run Structures New Jersey Safe swing set for children

What to Look For in a Safe Swing Set for Children

Article was published on: 01/28/23

Looking for a new way to entertain the kids in 2023? A swing set can be a great property addition that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. However, it’s important to make sure that the outdoor playset is safe and long-lasting. We’re here to help you know what to look for in a safe swing set for children.

First and most importantly, you need to look at the materials being used to create the playset you’re buying. Most common playsets found in hardware stores or at popular online retailers are made from thin wooden boards that are glued or bolted together.

While these may be cost-effective and easy to install, they are not built for safe play or to last for the long term. Instead, you should consider something made from natural, solid wood boards. Swing sets made of these materials will last longer even in the most extreme conditions.

A second thing to consider when looking for a safe swing set for children is the actual shape of the structure. In case you didn’t know, the strongest shape is actually the triangle. The triangle is often used in engineering projects requiring the ability to carry large weight limits.

Your swing set shouldn’t be any different. Make sure that the beam holding the actual swings is attached to an A-frame at the sides. This will ensure the ultimate distribution of weight and the longevity of the structure for years to come.

A safe swing set for children should also include the correct kind of hardware to hold everything together. Heavy-duty metals, like steel, are the best choice for this. In terms of bolt sizing, you want something large, like a ½-inch bolt and nut.

Having all connectors and bolts be of these specifications will ensure that your swing set isn’t going to fall apart at any moment and provide added safety for your children and their friends during play.

A final thing to consider when choosing a swing set is the terrain of your property. You’ll need to make sure that there is land flat enough to house the structure and keep it level. Play equipment that isn’t level or held in place by ground anchors can be unsafe and lead to some dangerous conditions for your children.

If your yard isn’t too hilly but is still a little uneven, then look into getting something that is adjustable at different points. This will allow you to customize the height of all legs or beams to the terrain.

A safe swing set for children is a perfect way to entertain your kids for hours on end. It will encourage them to get outside, socialize, and can even help to tire them out for the night, especially if your home playground includes a faux rock climbing wall or monkey bars.

Are you ready to start looking? Here at Pleasant Run Structures, we are proud to carry swing sets from Rainbow Play Systems. These systems meet every specification listed in this article plus some, to ensure that your child stays safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

Visit our website by clicking here to learn more about all the Rainbow products we sell and all the customized options that can be included with your set. If you need more information, feel free to give us a call at (973) 334-4404 at our Parsippany, NJ, location or (908) 237-1325 at our location in Flemington, NJ. Our team is ready to help.


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