The Versatility and Appeal of a Backyard Amish Pergola

The Versatility and Appeal of a Backyard Amish Pergola

Article was published on: 08/9/23

An Amish pergola is a charming outdoor shade structure that has become increasingly popular among homeowners for its versatility and visual appeal.


Unlike solid-roofed structures, a pergola features an open, lattice-style roof, often supported by columns or posts, creating a partially shaded space. These structures can transform a simple backyard into a delightful retreat and offer a wide range of uses that cater to various needs and preferences.

Here are some of the best uses for an Amish pergola and why homeowners choose to incorporate one into a backyard.

Outdoor entertaining area

One of the primary uses of an Amish pergola is to create an inviting outdoor entertaining space. Whether hosting a barbecue, a family gathering, or a casual get-together with friends, a pergola provides the perfect ambiance. The open roof design allows for natural light to filter through during the day, while string lights or fairy lights draped across the lattice can create a magical atmosphere during the evening.

Dining al fresco

Many homeowners appreciate the opportunity to enjoy meals in the fresh air while still having some shelter from the elements. Placing a dining table and chairs beneath an Amish pergola allows for delightful al fresco dining experiences. The dappled sunlight that filters through the lattice roof creates a pleasant, relaxed setting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Creating a garden oasis

Pergolas can serve as a stunning focal point in a backyard garden, providing vertical support for climbing plants and vines. Homeowners can cultivate lush greenery around the pergola, allowing fragrant flowers or hanging plants to grow, adding beauty and a natural look to the space.

A haven for relaxation and meditation

For those seeking a tranquil spot to unwind and find solace, a pergola offers an ideal relaxation space. Placing comfortable outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs or a hammock, under the pergola allows homeowners to enjoy the calming effects of nature while still having protection from direct sunlight.

Spa or hot tub enclosure

A pergola can be adapted to enclose a spa or hot tub, providing privacy and creating a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of one’s backyard. When curtains or drapes are added to the sides, homeowners can further enhance the seclusion and relaxation experience.

Shade for a play area

Families with children often utilize pergolas to create shaded play areas. The lattice roof helps shield kids from the harsh sun while they engage in outdoor activities, such as playing with toys or drawing with chalk.

Outdoor gym or yoga space

Fitness enthusiasts appreciate the open and airy feeling of exercising outdoors. An Amish pergola can serve as an outdoor gym or yoga space, allowing individuals to complete their workout routines while staying out of the direct sunlight.

Home garden extension

Homeowners with a green thumb often use pergolas to extend gardening space. By installing planters or shelves along the posts or hanging pots from the roof beams, they can cultivate herbs, flowers, or small vegetables, making the pergola an integral part of their gardening experience.

Property value and curb appeal

Beyond the functional benefits, a pergola can significantly enhance a property’s value and curb appeal. The addition of a well-designed and maintained pergola adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any backyard, making it attractive to potential buyers.

Personalized design and style

Another reason homeowners opt for pergolas is the flexibility in design and style. Pergolas built at Pleasant Run Structures come in various materials, such as wood, or vinyl, and offer options to suit different tastes and budgets. Homeowners can also customize the structure’s size, color, and accessories to match their overall backyard design theme.

Find an Amish pergola that’s right for your backyard at either of Pleasant Run Structures’ two outdoor showrooms in New Jersey. One of our showrooms is located in Flemington, while the other is located in Parsippany/Troy Hills.

If you can’t make it to a showroom, call 1-800-440-2138 to speak to one of our design consultants or click here to view our online portfolio of pergolas and find one that would fit perfectly into your yard. We’re open seven days a week for your convenience.


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