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The Safest Backyard Playsets in New Jersey

Article was published on: 09/18/21

We know your child loves climbing on the jungle bars or swinging on the swings. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing an outdoor play structure for the family, why not start with one of the safest backyard playsets in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures.

It’s so important to make sure children are safe while outside having fun. All of us at Pleasant Run Structures know that your child’s safety is your No. 1 priority. That is why we make sure it is our No. 1 priority as well.

We want your children to have fun and enjoy the playsets that you purchase for them, but more importantly, we want your child to be safe. That’s why Rainbow Play Systems has numerous safety and design specifications to ensure a safe and secure play area for your child. Pleasant Run Structures is trusted as having the safest backyard playsets in New Jersey.

The finest materials

Rainbow Playsets use only 100% natural big beam cedar in all its play systems. Cedar is perfect for wooden swing sets and play systems because it has high durability and is naturally resistant to rot. Using cedar also has less of an impact on the environment because it is renewable and biodegradable.

Unlike plastics and vinyls used in playset builds of Rainbow competitors, solid cedar does not produce greenhouse gasses. In fact, 100% natural big beam cedar removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. The cedar we use is sourced from most sustainable managed forests in the world. You will not find more beautiful, safe, and environmentally friendly backyard playsets in New Jersey.

Safety and Design Specifications

The Rainbow playsets sold at Pleasant Run include many different designs to ensure your child’s safety and security. We want your child’s outdoor play to be safe which means we have to use high quality materials. We dip all safety handles and rungs with yellow plastisol so their hands and feet have a better surface to grip. The plastisol also provides durability and insulation for the playsets.

For playsets with multiple levels, we build vertical spindle safety rails that protect your child from falling. The vertical slats allow parents to easily watch their children and make it difficult for them to climb. We want children to play in the designed spaces on the playset and not on surrounding areas so injuries can be prevented.

We also include angled safety ladders to make it easier for children to climb up and down. With the ladders as well as the rock walls, we brace them to the play structure so they are held in place and there is no lift when the additions are added.

If you are looking for one of the finest backyard playsets in New Jersey, Pleasant Run Structures has only the best. We look out for our customers because your priorities are our priorities. Rainbow uses only the highest quality materials to create its builds. Whether you want to choose something from Rainbow’s catalog or have a playset custom built, we’ll work with you so you get exactly what you want for your yard.

There are so many more details that are included in the designs that prioritize the safety and security of your child. Rainbow playsets can give you the peace of mind that your child can play without supervision.

If you are looking for backyard playsets in New Jersey, check out our website or call us at (973)-334-4404 (Parsippany) or (908)-237-1325 (Flemington).

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