The Go-to Place for an Amish Pool House in New Jersey
Pleasant Run Structures Flemington Amish Pool House in New Jersey

The Go-to Place for an Amish Pool House in New Jersey

Article was published on: 01/17/22

Do you have a stack of pool equipment and toys that doesn’t fit anywhere that you put it? There is no better solution than to get your own hand-crafted, storage piece and that’s a quality Amish pool house in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures.

A pool shed or a custom-made Amish pool house in New Jersey can help your pool stand out more than ever before. Our pool houses feature the perfect blend of convenience, functionality, and storage, so the benefits for your backyard area are many.

These pool houses and sheds can be a great addition to any pool and backyard and each one can be designed and hand-crafted to mimic the style of your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s the interior or the exterior, we offer the best amenities for any type of Amish pool house in New Jersey.

Our interior options for an Amish pool house in New Jersey can include a changing room, a kitchen, a loft, a bathroom, or even a bedroom. Other finishing touches can include a floor finished in tile or wood for a sophisticated look or linoleum for high-traffic areas that may be exposed to water from wet feet and clothes.

Our designers at Pleasant Run Structures are here to help with every step. We want you to have your dream pool house so we will work with you to get the materials and amenities that are required to fulfill your construction needs. We’ll also work around your schedule and make sure your pool house becomes a reality.

When it comes to the design, our structures are made with a traditional A-frame roof style, a design that looks like the letter A, or we also use a general hip-style roof, which is a fairly common design for houses and sheds.

Our roofing options include almost anything that you desire. We have architectural shingles, standing seam metal roofs, and much more.

Our team of designers can help you just by seeing a rough sketch of what you want and will design or build what you’re looking for based on the sketch. We will make sure to work with you on the design and the budget so it’s just what you expect.

Would you like your Amish pool house in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures to stand out even more? We can add a custom cupola and or weathervane to match your style. Want even more? We can also add a custom porch and or pool bar to make your pool a great place to hang out and entertain guests.

Don’t worry about the delivery because we have two locations – one in Parsippany, NJ, and the other in Flemington, NJ – and can deliver anywhere in the state for your convenience.

Some of our product lines and styles for an Amish pool house in New Jersey include:

  • Preston Pool House
    An elegant pavilion that blends with a traditional pool house and its amenities.
  • Newport Pool House
    Designed to tailor to outdoor gatherings, features an option to add a walk-in shower, and also interior finishes
  • Doherty Pool House
    The classic backdrop for outdoor gatherings, parties, and events with lots of practical space for activities.
  • Cabana Pool Bars
    It looks like it belongs on a beach itself, this piece is inviting and relaxing, offering a nice place to drink and eat, along with the luxury of extra storage.

There are so many things that are available at Pleasant Run Structures. Our team is here to help you achieve your backyard dream. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team to help you get the best shed or pool house in New Jersey.

Get started today by visiting us online to find your dream pool house and pool shed today.

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