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The Best Place to Buy Basketball Hoops in New Jersey

Article was published on: 12/10/22

If you are looking to buy basketball hoops in New Jersey, you’ll likely want something that is safe, durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. With Goalsetter Basketball Goals you are making an investment in recreation for decades to come. 

In addition to durability and functionality, design and aesthetics are also important considerations. You’re probably familiar with the typical plastic-base model of hoop. The base is usually filled with sand or dirt, which is supposed to support the weight of one or more players. These hoops rarely stand up to this task. 

Drive through most neighborhoods and you’re bound to see a couple of these plastic-base hoops stacked with extra weights for support. People use dumbbells, sandbags, and cinder blocks for added weight, but not only is this unsightly, it is also a safety hazard. Those hoops can easily fall onto children, animals, or vehicles.  

Goalsetter’s steel anchor system is many times stronger than a plastic-base system and  also outperforms other ground-mounted products. Most systems use weaker J bolts that also make installation more difficult. 

We won’t bore you with all of the features that puts Goalsetter ahead of the pack, because there are so many, but we will highlight a few of the most loved features.  

Our basketball goals are designed to withstand almost anything, and they are guaranteed against damage from play and defects. They’re also designed to look good. The sleek profile and glass backboard blends seamlessly into the background. 

The height adjustment system is contained within the pole which keeps it shielded from the elements and offers seamless operation. The crank is low to the ground and easy to use, so every member of your family can effortlessly adjust the goal height. The crank handle can also be removed if you want to maintain a specific height. 

You won’t have to worry about searching for accessories when you go to buy basketball hoops in New Jersey. We have  everything covered from accessory selection to installation. And our hoop and accessory selection is vast. 

We offer pads for the base and backboard to prevent dangerous impact. And our NCAA branded Pole Pads will have your setup looking like a collegiate court. The Yard Guard net and Rebound Net ensure the game never stops, and that your flower bed doesn’t get destroyed by an errant shot. There is even an option for a Baseball Trainer attachment to hone your batting abilities. 

We have thought of everything to ensure you’ll find the perfect basketball hoop. We offer a large selection of models so you’ll know where to go when you’re looking to buy basketball hoops in New Jersey. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to select the exact basketball goal you want  for your court or driveway.  

Give us a call with any questions at (908) 237-1325 or stop by one of our showroom locations in Flemington, NJ, or Parsippany, NJ, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect basketball goal for your home. 


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