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Pleasant Run has your Amish Storage Building in New Jersey

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Have you ever looked into your backyard and wondered how you could increase your storage space? Building your own shed can be time consuming, tiresome and a huge pain if any mistakes are made. At Pleasant Run Structures, we have an Amish storage building in New Jersey that will be a perfect fit for your property!

Every Amish storage building in New Jersey can be pre-built and delivered, or built-on-site. We strive to offer our valued customers with flexibility that matches our high quality services.

With our wide selection of designs and styles, finding a shed that is fully tailored to your preferences is easy. Whether you’re looking for a place to free up space, store tools, and equipment, or gardening supplies, we’ll help you find the most suitable shed for your needs.

We build your structure to any size you want, while we also offer popular sizes. We understand our customers want to have high input throughout this process, as our sheds and storage spaces will last you a lifetime!

If you’re looking to design a customized storage shed to your specifications, please give us a call at 1-800-440-2138 to get started today. You can also contact us here to discuss your ideas about a custom built shed with our team of design consultants.

Whether it’s a Sterling shed, Nottingham shed, or Amish storage building in New Jersey, we are fully equipped to deliver some of the strongest build quality in The Garden State! We’re based in both Flemington and Parsippany, and we’ll deliver your outdoor structure anywhere within the tri-state area. We’re family owned and operated and open 7 days a week, so feel free to reach out at any time.

Each one of our customers is protected by our 10-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing that our structures will be free of major defects in materials and workmanship from the date received by the customer.

Additionally, 100% of the labor will be covered for the first 2 years just in case you aren’t fully satisfied with our services. We strongly believe in providing our customers with only the highest quality material and want them to feel protected for the years to come. Our warranty also applies to those seeking an Amish storage building in New Jersey.

We also construct Amish-built mini barns, chicken coops and run-in sheds to protect your livestock. Hand built by our expert team of Amish craftsmen, these structures will last for decades! Whether you’re in need of a simple prefabricated chicken coop or a custom multi-livestock barn, we’re here to make the building of your dreams come to life.

At Pleasant Run Structures, we offer hundreds of options and thousands of combinations to seamlessly incorporate any addition to your home. We strive to offer our clients with an extensive selection of building options and colors to make your new shed exactly the way you imagined it.

You can also choose among several designs for the doors, siding, windows, roofing, accents, and interior of the structure. In need of a separate guest bedroom? Additional loft styles are available upon request! When trust is our true foundation, you know you can count on us.

Protect Your Lawn Equipment in an Amish Storage Building

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Pleasant Run Structures’ Amish storage building is an ideal solution to help protect your outdoor equipment. If you need extra storage in your backyard, Pleasant Run Structures has the perfect shed for you.

Pleasant Run Structures offers high-quality custom or pre-built sheds. All of their sheds are built by experienced craftsmen, ensuring sturdy construction and a beautiful finished product.

Pleasant Run Structures offers the following styles:

Sterling Series: Sterling presents a classic farm look. The sheds are two stories, providing plenty of storage space. The company offers various window, door, and roof types to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

Nottingham Series: Nottingham is an English-style shed, adding an elegant and rustic feel. The storage building has standard stones on the front with seven-foot wide doors, sliding glass windows, and Canterbury vents.

Canterbury Series: Canterbury has a simple, yet clean, look with taller walls and longer overhangs. It features wider hinges, window trim and shutters, larger windows, and a roof that has a higher pitch. These sheds are popular as functional hobby rooms; i.e., man cave.

Cambridge Series: A colonial-inspired look, Cambridge sheds are known for A-frame roofs, clean window trim, large windows, shutters, double doors, and gable vents.

Brighton Series: The Brighton sheds are durable and simple, useful for those who only want a shed for storage purposes. What makes Pleasant Run Structures’ unique is that the roof is made of oriented strand board instead of plywood. Also, the structure is improved with pressure-treated ground runners.

Winchester Series: Winchester has a balance of Brighton and Canterbury elements, with a wider composite trim and higher roof pitch, which adds a classy touch. Pleasant Run Structures can also add larger windows, gable vents, and Miratec shutters.

If you are gardening or spending a lot of time with your children in your backyard this summer, Pleasant Run Structures has the perfect shed for you and your family. Its storage buildings are useful for protecting tools, pool supplies, and outdoor equipment. Or, you can furnish your shed as a place for you or your pets to relax. All of the styles are year-rounders, lasting through rain and snow, which is perfect for families who live in the Northeast.

Pleasant Run Structures is located in Flemington, N.J., Parsippany, N.J., but will ship within the tri-state area. For more information, please visit our website or call 1-800-440-2148.

We look forward to building you the perfect shed.

Before You Buy Your Amish Storage Building in New Jersey

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Solve your storage issues with the best Amish storage building in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures. We offer both custom and pre-built sheds for sale. Providing you with options to find the best structure for your property.

Before you buy, however, there are a few critical details to consider.

Primarily, choosing the right foundation for your structure. A proper foundation is imperative for getting the most out of your storage building. There are three main types of foundations including stone beds, concrete footings, and concrete slabs.

It’s important to remember that your town’s zoning laws may limit your selection. Therefore, you should always double check before making a final decision. Pleasant Run Structures makes the process even easier by installing your foundation if you speak to a sales associate.

Next, it’s crucial to understand the delivery process. Including what to expect when waiting for your Amish storage building delivery in New Jersey. The first step is you will receive a call from our scheduling department confirming the site is prepared for your structure. When you order, you will be given an estimated time of delivery.

Additionally, we will work around your schedule as best as we can. Unlike our competitors, we use our own delivery service rather than a separate freight company. We will then set up a tentative delivery date and you will receive a call the night before. Once we have reached your destination, our crew will ask for the location of the foundation site.

It’s critical to review your terms and conditions of sale. This helps to avoid any additional charges and to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

Also, it’s necessary to look into warranty information as well. Milled wood naturally has imperfections. Our manufacturer guarantees our structures to be free from defects up to 10 years after you receive your structure..

Moreover, we guarantee your satisfaction. A perceived error on the job site may be difficult to immediately rectify. Therefore, we will make sure to complete the job on an “asap” basis.

Our reputation is valuable to us and we are dedicated to working hard to correct any issues that may develop. We strongly believe in only providing the highest quality materials.

We always hope our warranty won’t be used. However, it provides our customers peace of mind. They’ll know they made the right choice purchasing their Amish storage building in New Jersey.

Finally, it’s urgent that you look over and obtain all necessary information regarding permits and zoning for your structure. Remember that Pleasant Run Structures is not responsible for zoning and permit laws, and permits are not required by us.

In regards to permits, each town has their own requirements for buildings. These are primarily for safety reasons and whether or not you need one depends on the size of your structure. Our best advice is to contact your town for more information. They can best provide the answers to any questions you may have.

On the other hand, we have never had a shed not meet the requirements of a town building official. But our structures can also be modified and customized to meet the different codes that are unique to various towns. If a permit is not granted and the product hasn’t reached production we promise to give back a full refund. Additionally, make sure to apply for permits in advance so that we don’t reach production in case you are denied.

Overall, Pleasant Run Structures provides the best Amish storage building in New Jersey. They are the best for your backyard and will be the talk of the town as the weather starts warming up. Start preparing your backyard for summer today by visiting our website https://pleasantrunstructures.com/ or giving us a call at 1-(800) 440-2138 today.

Take Steps for Successful Delivery of your Amish Storage Building

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Delivery day for your Amish storage building has arrived.

You’ve worked your way through the list of items that need to be confirmed before your Amish storage building can be delivered to your home by Pleasant Run Structures..

You’ve checked in with the building department in the community where you live to determine if a permit is required for your Amish storage building. If a permit is required by the tow, you have it in your possession.

You’ve created the right type of foundation to support your Amish storage building. The first thing the delivery crew from Pleasant Run Structures will do when it arrives at your home is ask for the location of the foundation. If the foundation does not meet the specifications of the storage building that is being delivered, there could be delays in placing your shed, additional costs to create the necessary foundation, or additional fees charged because the delivery could not be completed.

Pleasant Run Structures wants the delivery of your Amish storage building to be accomplished without delays or extra costs, so here are the steps we will take to make sure that happens.

  • We will call ahead: When you purchase your Amish storage building, you will be given an estimated delivery date. You should assume that is the date your storage building will be delivered and make all necessary arrangements to be ready on that date. However, the scheduling department at Pleasant Run will contact you before a delivery date is set to ask about the progress of the foundation. If the foundation is ready, a delivery date will be set.
  • We are flexible: Pleasant Run does not give our customers a “take it or leave it” delivery date. We will work around your schedule because we have our own delivery service and want to make your delivery as convenient and trouble-free as possible.
  • Finding your home: The day before your Amish storage building is delivered, our delivery team will contact you to discuss the travel route and provide you with an estimated time of arrival. If there are potential issues along the travel route (low bridges, tight corners, power lines), it would be helpful to alert our delivery team to any possible problems. It will also make your delivery smoother.
  • Clear the area: You will probably have a pretty good idea how our delivery team will enter your property to get the storage building to the foundation. Making sure the path to the foundation is clear of patio furniture or other possible obstructions will be helpful. Cut back shrubs, tree limbs, or other plants that might be in the way. Also, providing our delivery team with the location of lawn sprinklers or septic tank lids could prevent unnecessary damage to your home.

It’s easy to make the delivery of your Amish storage building fast and easy, just by following a few steps. Our team at Pleasant Run Structures will discuss these steps with customers when they purchase a storage building, and we are available to answer questions by calling 908.237.1325. You can also visit our website at https://pleasantrunstructures.com/ for more details.