4 – Doherty Sterling

Doherty Pool Houses are a common alteration of the Sterling Shed. They come standard with 2×6 Pressure treated floor Joists, 7’9″ Wall Height, 3′ porch with 8″ round columns, a prehung house door with 15 Lite glass, 2 24×36 windows, canterbury gable vents, and a 12/12 roof pitch. They do not come standard with a second story but you have the options to add a stair case and a second level if you choose. Please note these cannot be delivered finished as they are too tall. We have a few different options depending on your property as to how to finish building them.

  • Options Shown:
  • Roof Gable
  • Arched Window
  • Prehung House Doors
  • 15 Lite Windows
  • Recessed Walls
  • Columns
  • 15 Lite Picture Windows
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