Selecting the Perfect Backyard Swing Set for Your Child
Pleasant Run Structures backyard swing set in New Jersey

Selecting the Perfect Backyard Swing Set for Your Child

Article was published on: 07/6/21

For a high-quality backyard swing set in New Jersey, look no further than Rainbow Play Systems. At Pleasant Run Structures, we’ve been selling safe and durable play sets from Rainbow Play Systems to satisfied customers for decades.

With more than 1 million Rainbow Play System swing sets in the world and a catalog of more than a 100 swing set designs to choose from, our commitment to quality and safety will help you find the perfect wooden swing set for your home.

Rainbow Play Systems offers two distinct styles for your swing set. The Castle style offers an open play design and features such as our tire swing and rope ladder for added fun. The Castle Style is great for all yards and can accommodate uneven yards too.

The second option, is the Clubhouse style is a great option for compact yards. Offering two play levels and a more compact size, its features include an optional rock climbing wall and climbing ramp. No matter which style you choose, Rainbow’s services offer 100% natural and environmentally friendly solid cedar wood and a lifetime warranty.

The next step in helping you find your backyard swing set in New Jersey is choosing the size you want. Sizes range depending on the series of the swing sets. One of the smallest sizes, the Circus Castle Series offers a play deck size of 24 square feet. The largest size, the King King Castle Series offers a play deck of up to 40 square feet.

Numerous options allow you to tailor your swingset to your needs, making your swing set special for your outdoor play area. Rainbow Play System playsets are built to grow with your child. By adding new features and components you can make your Rainbow unique.

The online catalog offers hundreds of accessories and add-ons, from telescopes, web swings, and ship wheel to sandboxes and spiral slides. From keeping your kids entertained to helping develop fine motor skills, the accessories are great for any age.

Rainbow Play Systems product options will help fill up your backyard and any surrounding area. Our variety of playsets can enrich your outdoor experience and are a great addition to your backyard swing set in New Jersey.

If you need additional backyard options, Pleasant Rub sells Goalsetter basketball goals and Springfree trampolines.
Goalsetter’s R60 Rainbow Hoop and R73 Rainbow Hoop offer clear backboard views and are engineered to handle aggressive play. Our equipment provides a steel-encased rim and with a lifetime warranty, this high-quality product is great for the whole family.

Springfree trampolines are available in different sizes from compact, medium, large, to jumbo. Our trampolines include a heavy-duty steel frame and high-quality aluminum rods to ensure a safe and exciting experience for everyone.

Pleasant Run Structures and Rainbow Play Systems guarantees quality for your backyard swing set in New Jersey, thanks to our excellent customer service, high quality products, lifetime warranty and variety of options.

To see and check out our products for yourself visit any of our locations. We have two locations in New Jersey, one in Flemington, and one in Parsippany. Call or email any of our showrooms for hours for more information or visit our website to learn more.

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