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Safe Swing Set fun from Rainbow Play Systems

Article was published on: 09/17/20

We always appreciate hearing from the amazing customers we work with. Please enjoy this story:

Attention parents! I’ve found a way to pry my children away from their video games and computer screens and actually spend some time outside. What did I do? I bought a safe swing set for children from Rainbow Play Systems, and now my kids want to go outside all the time and have fun with their friends.

I was starting to wonder what it would take for my kids to want to play outside. My wife and I had tried bikes with limited success. My son is interested in sports, but he won’t play with a soccer ball or use the lacrosse goal we purchased if his other option is sitting in front of the TV and playing a video game. My daughter isn’t addicted to video games, but will spend hours on social media.

I had received a mailer from Pleasant Run Structures and was intrigued by the size and variety of the swing sets they advertised. So, I took a drive to their Parsippany location and found an entire warehouse of Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey.

Rainbow Play Systems is based in Brookings, SD, and has been making a catalog full of swing sets and play systems for decades. If you need a safe swing set for children, Rainbow will make it. The Rainbow catalog is overwhelming. There are basic swing sets, and then there are play systems that could entertain an entire neighborhood.

What I liked best about the Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey that I saw at Pleasant Run was the heavy-duty construction, and the variety of gadgets that are available for children to enjoy. Rainbow makes a safe swing set for children because they start with cedar lumber that is cut into timbers of 4” x 4” or 4” x 6”. No lumber used in a Rainbow swing set or play system is glued together.

Those timbers are then put together with large carriage bolts that will stand up to extreme heat or freezing temperatures and still be strong enough for my wife and I to enjoy a few minutes on the swings when the kids aren’t around.

Every Rainbow swing set and play system that was on display also made me think of all the hours of fun my siblings, friends and I had when we’d get the chance to go to the park as youngsters. What a treat to be able to spend time on the big swings and be able to climb all over the other equipment.

…[The] display also made me think of all the hours of fun my siblings, friends and I had when we’d get the chance to go to the park as youngsters.

As my children and their friends enjoy the Rainbow play system that was installed in our yard, it makes me think I made the right decision. After hours of deliberation, my wife and I selected Rainbow’s King Kong Clubhouse that includes a 15’ slide and swings that are 10.5’ high. We based our decision on hoping our children continue to enjoy the play set as they grow older.

Pleasant Run Structures’ location in Parsippany is one of two in New Jersey. Pleasant Run’s other location is in Flemington, NJ. So, if you’re looking for the Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey, call Pleasant Run today at 908.237.1325 and speak to a member of our team. You can visit either of our showrooms in Flemington or Parsippany, or shop from Rainbow’s online catalog at

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids off their computers and out in the yard, take the drive to Pleasant Run Structures. You’ll be glad you did!


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