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Put a Rainbow Playset in Your Yard Today!

Article was published on: 11/1/20

If you want the best in backyard playsets in New Jersey, start with the state’s exclusive retailer of Rainbow Play Systems — Pleasant Run Structures.

Pleasant Run Structures has been selling backyard playsets in New Jersey from Rainbow Play Systems for years. Take a drive to either of Pleasant Run Structures’ two locations in the Garden State and see why a Rainbow playset would be a good addition to your backyard.

Rainbow playsets are made from solid cedar timbers that will stand up to severe weather, lots of kids, and years of use. Visit one of Pleasant Run Structures’ outdoor showrooms in Flemington, NJ, or Parsippany, NJ, and see for yourself just how well a Rainbow playset is put together.

When parents purchase backyard playsets in New Jersey from Rainbow, there will be no second-guessing if they made the correct choice for their family. Rainbow playsets are built to last, and will provide years of outdoor fun and enjoyment for family members, friends and relatives.

Rainbow Play Systems is so confident in its commitment to high-quality construction and safety, that it lists three factors that every parent should take into account before buying a backyard playset.

Factor No. 1: How much does the playset weigh?

Rainbow makes more than 100 different playsets, and each one is made with solid beams that are cut in widths of 4” x 4” or 4” x 6”. Lumber of that size adds a considerable amount of weight and stability to a playset. When comparing a Rainbow playset to a similar playset sold by an online competitor, the Rainbow playset could weigh as much as four times more than the competitor’s playset. In fact, in Rainbow’s brochure that lists every playset the company can make, the weight of each playset is prominently displayed. Some Rainbow playsets weigh as much as 7,000 pounds.

Factor No. 2: Does the playset you’re buying pass the “shake test”?

Rainbow asks people to conduct a simple test if they’re looking to buy a lesser brand of playset. Grab the playset and give it a shake. If the playset is easy to shake, it’s probably not strong enough to support active children. A Rainbow playset, on the other hand, is not easy to shake and will support a number of active children.

Factor No. 3: Can your children really swing?

Just about every parent who has children has witnessed this. You’re at a friend’s house and the kids head into the backyard and take a seat on a swing. As they start to move back and forth, the legs of the apparatus lift off the ground because of the shifting weight. If you see this, get your children off that swing before they get hurt. When you buy a Rainbow playset, parents won’t have to worry about the base lifting off the ground. Rainbow playset are built solid and can support the weight of numerous children.

Factor No. 4: Go see the playset yourself

Catalog photography can make smaller playsets look larger than they actually are. Don’t trust a catalog. Get in the car, drive to Pleasant Run Structures, and take a look at the Rainbow playsets in our outdoor showroom. You can conduct your own shake test, and play on the swings if you’d like. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll know you’re getting a quality product if you buy a Rainbow playset.

Call Pleasant Run Structures today at 908.237.1325 and speak to a member of our team about a Rainbow playset for your yard. You can also go online at and take a look at the Rainbow Play Systems catalog.


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