Protect Your Lawn Equipment in an Amish Storage Building
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Protect Your Lawn Equipment in an Amish Storage Building

Article was published on: 07/27/21

Pleasant Run Structures’ Amish storage building is an ideal solution to help protect your outdoor equipment. If you need extra storage in your backyard, Pleasant Run Structures has the perfect shed for you.

Pleasant Run Structures offers high-quality custom or pre-built sheds. All of their sheds are built by experienced craftsmen, ensuring sturdy construction and a beautiful finished product.

Pleasant Run Structures offers the following styles:

Sterling Series: Sterling presents a classic farm look. The sheds are two stories, providing plenty of storage space. The company offers various window, door, and roof types to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

Nottingham Series: Nottingham is an English-style shed, adding an elegant and rustic feel. The storage building has standard stones on the front with seven-foot wide doors, sliding glass windows, and Canterbury vents.

Canterbury Series: Canterbury has a simple, yet clean, look with taller walls and longer overhangs. It features wider hinges, window trim and shutters, larger windows, and a roof that has a higher pitch. These sheds are popular as functional hobby rooms; i.e., man cave.

Cambridge Series: A colonial-inspired look, Cambridge sheds are known for A-frame roofs, clean window trim, large windows, shutters, double doors, and gable vents.

Brighton Series: The Brighton sheds are durable and simple, useful for those who only want a shed for storage purposes. What makes Pleasant Run Structures’ unique is that the roof is made of oriented strand board instead of plywood. Also, the structure is improved with pressure-treated ground runners.

Winchester Series: Winchester has a balance of Brighton and Canterbury elements, with a wider composite trim and higher roof pitch, which adds a classy touch. Pleasant Run Structures can also add larger windows, gable vents, and Miratec shutters.

If you are gardening or spending a lot of time with your children in your backyard this summer, Pleasant Run Structures has the perfect shed for you and your family. Its storage buildings are useful for protecting tools, pool supplies, and outdoor equipment. Or, you can furnish your shed as a place for you or your pets to relax. All of the styles are year-rounders, lasting through rain and snow, which is perfect for families who live in the Northeast.

Pleasant Run Structures is located in Flemington, N.J., Parsippany, N.J., but will ship within the tri-state area. For more information, please visit our website or call 1-800-440-2148.

We look forward to building you the perfect shed.

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