Mountain Climber Series SK-30 Mega Mountain Climber

The SK-30 Mega Mountain Climber is one of the most popular play sets. No Mountain Climber set would be complete with out lots of climbing options and the SK-30 Mega Mountain Climber is no exception. Choose to climb on the monkey bars, the flat step ladder with hand rail, 5′ rock wall, or the cargo net to the two towers with 5’x10′ canvas roofs that hold a steering wheel and telescope. With three super fast slides to choose from, children won’t stay still for long. Six swing options will keep those legs moving as they decide to swing on the rubber infant swing, belt swing, plastic glider, hammock swing, 3 rope tire swing or the trapeze. With the SK-30 Mega Mountain Climber, the grins and giggles just come naturally.

  • Standard Features
  • Item #: SK-30 Mega Mountain Climber
  • Overall Dimensions:24’w x 23’d x 14’h
  • Weight: 1,932 lbs.
  • Color: Almond PVC, Red & Yellow Accents
  • Tower: (2) 5′ x 5′ Deck
  • Deck Height: 5′, 7′
  • Access: Flat Step Ladder with Hand Rail
  • Roof: (2) 5′ x 10′ Canvas with Flags
  • Climber: 5′ Rock Wall with Rope, Cargo Net
  • Slide: 14′ Avanlanche Slide, 10′ Avalanche Slide, Turbo Twister Slide
  • Swing Beam: 4 Position Climber
  • Swings: Plastic Glider, Rubber Infant Swing, Trapeze, Belt Swing, 3 Rope Tire Swing, Hammock Swing
  • Anchors: 2
  • Fun Items: Steering Wheel, Telescope
  • Optional: 113′ Tan Stone Style Landscape Timber, 3 Tons Red Rubber Mulch
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