Mountain Climber Series SK-2 Junior Mountain Climber

The SK-2 Junior Mountain Climber is great for smaller yards and can grow along with your children. The tower can be reached by climbing up the flat step ladder with hand rail or using the rock wall. Once at the top, the steering wheel will take your children’s imaginations anywhere they want to go. The 10′ wave slide will get them down in a hurry so that they can play on the daisy disk, belt swing, or swing through the air on the trapeze. The SK-2 Junior Mountain Climber is an affordable option to keep your kids days filled with outdoor fun.

  • Standard Features
  • Item #: SK-2 Junior Mountain Climber
  • Overall Dimensions: 20’w x 9’6″d x 12’6″h
  • Weight: 589 lbs.
  • Color: Almond PVC, Red & Yellow Accents
  • Tower: 32″ x 32″ Deck
  • Deck Height: 5′
  • Access: Flat Step Ladder with Hand Rail
  • Roof: 2′ x 7′ Canvas with Flags
  • Climber: 2′ x 5′ Rock Wall with Rope
  • Slide: 10′ Wave Slide
  • Swing Beam: 2 Position Single Beam
  • Swings: Trapeze, Belt Swing, Daisy Disc
  • Anchors: 4
  • Fun Items: Steering Wheel
  • Optional: 88′ Standard Landscape Timber, 9 Cubic Yds. Wood Mulch
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