How to keep Rainbow Swing Sets in New Jersey Looking Great
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How to keep Rainbow Swing Sets in New Jersey Looking Great

Article was published on: 06/18/21

With warmer weather quickly approaching, we have been craving the opportunity to stay outside all day and play on Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey.

While you’re relaxing under your custom pavilion or grabbing some gardening tools from your shed and tending to your garden, the kids can be entertained by a custom swing set that you purchased from Pleasant Run Structures. As the exclusive dealer of Rainbow swings sets in New Jersey, we have an outdoor showroom filled with some of the company’s finest products.

Right now could be the best opportunity for you and your family to make some new memories by investing in one of the many Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey that we have available at our locations in Flemington and Parsippany.

Whether this is your first Rainbow swing set or you are looking for ways to maintain the one you have, we have plenty of tips to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. We want you to be worry-free when your children are playing on a Rainbow palsy set that was purchased from us.

With time and use, you should check up on your Rainbow swing set every once in a while. Now is the perfect time to inspect the structure to make sure it is ready for all the fun to be had on it all summer long.

Clean and seal

From the elements outside and being played on, it is impossible to keep all Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey completely clean. Unfortunately with time, the shine and color of your set will fade because of UV (ultraviolet) rays.

That is why it is so important to clean and reseal all of the wood every 1-2 years. By resealing the wood it smooths out any chips or divots created from playing. It is a great idea to invest in a waterproof sealant. This extra layer of protection will stop any moisture from seeping into the wood and prolong the lifespan of your Rainbow swing set.

Another vital step is staining the wood every few years. It not only protects the structure, but it will restore the beautiful color of our 100% natural cedar wood.

Pleasant Run Structures offers a two-day package to ensure your Rainbow swing set is cleaned, sealed, and safe. On Day 1, we take the time to power wash the entire set, cleaning off any debris. On Day 2, we stain and seal all the wood to get it back to looking brand new. This process also comes with a free safety inspection of the entire structure.

Safety inspections

To make certain your Rainbow swing set is safe for anyone who plays on it, it’s crucial to do inspections a few times a year. Especially if the set hasn’t been used during the winter months, it is a good idea to check on every component before your kids play on it.

Bolts and screws may work their way loose after years of play. They should be checked to make sure they are not sticking out or broken off. It is very smart to just go around and tighten all nuts and bolts just in case.

Plastic swing seats and slides should be inspected for any cracks.

Metal chains or swing attachments should be checked for rust. You can use vegetable oil to lubricate any metal pieces. However, if you see cracks in the metal, you should replace that part immediately.

Over time wood could get worn down and start cracking and splintering. Splintered wood is an easy fix. The wood can be sanded and then sealed to smooth out the surface. Unfortunately, if the wood is cracked, you should remove the piece and replace it.

Pleasant Run Structures offers a tune up service for any Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey. Safety is our biggest concern, so we inspect the entire set. We also make sure any bolts are tightened and any missing caps are replaced. Lastly, we grease every swing to guarantee full mobility and to stop any squeaking.

We offer our maintenance and inspection packages for all Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey. Contact your local showroom at either of our two locations in Parsippany and Flemington, or visit our website to make your appointment today.

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