Get the Best Backyard Swing Set in New Jersey!
Pleasant Run Structures Flemington Backyard Swing Set in New Jersey

Get the Best Backyard Swing Set in New Jersey!

Article was published on: 08/2/22

There are no better memories you can make than playing in the backyard on your swing set on a warm summer day! If you have children who are active and love to play outside, consider investing in a backyard swing set in New Jersey from Rainbow Play Systems.

Get the Best Backyard Swing Set in New Jersey!

Pleasant Run Structures is New Jersey’s exclusive retailer of swing sets and playsets from Rainbow and we have several playsets on display at our outdoor showrooms in Flemington and Parsippany.

Rainbow offers two different swing set designs in order to accommodate varying backyard sizes. The Castle style is typically best for larger backyards that can afford a more open play design. The Clubhouse style is best suited for compact backyards that may need features to be more condensed.

For each of the two styles, we offer five different designs based on your child’s age group and style of play! From there, you can customize your new swing set from our selection of hundreds of different play accessories!

We aim to provide the best outdoor recreational experience possible with our high-quality and durable catalog of playgrounds, trampolines and backyard swing sets in New Jersey. We teamed up with Rainbow to create state-of-the-art residential play equipment that gives kids the imaginative outdoor play experiences they deserve!

Our structures are made from big beam cedar wood, a highly durable, decay-resistant, material that’s been used on outdoor structures for hundreds of years. Additionally, cedar is environmentally friendly as it is both renewable and biodegradable! Unlike harmful plastic and vinyl materials, cedar doesn’t generate greenhouse gasses and is sourced from sustainable forests!

Brackets and hangers-on for all play equipment are designed to be extremely high quality and safe, we even consider our swing hangers to be the most durable ever created!  Over four million Rainbow swing hangers are in use worldwide with remarkable safety performance for over three decades! 

Investing in a backyard swing set in New Jersey has never been easier. Our safety measures and material durability make our play structures last a lifetime! We are so confident in Rainbow Play Systems’ product manufacturing that each swing set and playground comes with an exclusive lifetime warranty! One residential play structure can be used for decades!

Rainbow Play Systems has been creating quality swing sets for more than 28 years. From a small shop in Minnesota to a high-tech swing set manufacturing facility, they’ve come a long way in developing the safest, most durable swing sets for your children.

You don’t need to sacrifice safety for fun because we offer top-of-the-line swing sets that have the best of both! Long-lasting, beautifully made, and entertaining play structures is what we’re known for. 

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? View our full swing set selection here or visit us at one of our two New Jersey locations. Our store locations are open 7 days a week, subject to holiday hours of operation.

Don’t wait to make your big purchase! We are currently offering a Summer 2022 special on our residential play structures! Click here to learn more.

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