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Find the right Storage Shed at Pleasant Run Structures

Article was published on: 12/23/20

You’ve finally made the decision to buy a storage shed for your home. But before you write the check for an Amish storage building in New Jersey, every homeowner should consider a few things first.

The right Amish storage building in New Jersey for your home should accomplish three basic functions: 1) if it’s going to located somewhere near your home, the exterior design should complement the home; 2) you’re building a shed so you have more storage, so be sure it is large enough to accommodate the items you want to put in it; and 3) consider where the shed is going to be located and plan accordingly.

When buying an Amish storage building in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures, it’s also important to be aware of any local regulations or building codes that could possibly prohibit a homeowner from placing a storage shed in their yard. These instances are rare, but it’s wise to call your local planning or building department and inquire about any possible restrictions.

Some cities, towns, or municipalities may have height or size restrictions, or you could be required to obtain a building permit even though many Amish storage buildings in New Jersey are put together in one location and simply transported to your home. Approval may be required from additional agencies (planning and health, for example) so investigate these possibilities before you buy a storage building or make a down payment.

The design team at Pleasant Run Structures also recommends that homeowners consider the type of foundation that will be needed for an Amish storage building in New Jersey before making a purchase. The foundation you use can vary, and some communities may require specific foundations based on the size of the storage shed that you purchase. It’s just one more item any homeowner should check.

Once all those items are checked, it’s time for more questions to be answered.

As mentioned previously, your shed shouldn’t be an eyesore. If it’s going to be placed near your home, it should incorporate some of the design elements of the home. If the shed is going to be placed a considerable distance from the home, or behind a fence or a stand of shrubs, then the exterior design is not as important.

What is important is making sure your shed is big enough for what you want to put in it. If your shed will be home to a lawn tractor, determining how much room it and all its accessories will require should be mapped out in advance. Don’t forget that a lawn tractor will require a larger door. A standard door won’t suffice. You’ll need a double door or a garage-style door. And don’t buy a shed that is too small. Bigger is better. You can always find more things to store.

If you’re going to need frequent access to your shed, don’t place it too close to a fence, another building or a stand of trees or shrubs that will make getting in and out of the shed a problem. Give yourself — and your shed — plenty of room. It will be a wise decision.

Now that you’re ready to buy a shed, call Pleasant Run Structures at 908.237.1325 and schedule a consultation with our design team. Or, come by one of our locations in Flemington, NJ, or Parsippany, NJ and walk through our outdoor showroom. You can also visit and take a look through our online portfolio.


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