Exceptional Amish Sheds in New Jersey at Pleasant Run
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Exceptional Amish Sheds in New Jersey at Pleasant Run

Article was published on: 11/20/22

Finding a place to store your stuff can be a hassle, especially after accumulating so much during the holiday season. At Pleasant Run Structures, we offer top-notch Amish sheds in New Jersey with each shed built with high-quality materials that we sell for less than many of our competitors.

We offer the option of delivering a pre-built shed or building one on-site so that it matches the design you had in mind. Storing all of your stuff in a plain and boring shed shouldn’t be the goal. Why not take advantage of the opportunity and add some color or a unique design to compliment your home?

We offer a number of shed product lines and styles. Check out our Sterling Shed series, Nottingham Shed series, Canterbury Shed series, Cambridge Shed series, Winchester Shed series, or Brighton Shed series to determine which design would work best for your specific needs.

Each style creates a different look and can tackle any of your outdoor storage needs.

Our Sterling line is a custom-built two-story storage shed. You can choose from countless top-quality windows, doors, and roof types! Having a two-story barn not only will give you more room, but you can place all your storage needs on one floor and make the other floor into a craft room, an office, or many other things.

If you’re looking for a more rustic approach to fit your storage space, the Nottingham series could be a perfect fit. This series comes with stone on the front side of the shed with seven-foot Nottingham-style doors and glass windows.

If you’re looking for a more sleek look for your outdoor structure without any extra features, the Canterbury series may be the pick. These custom-built Amish sheds come with taller walls and long overhangs, which means you’ll solve your storage problem and get a great look as well.

All of our quality storage sheds are custom-built to fit your needs, and we offer a wide variety of options so you can customize them. Our sheds are handmade with some of the highest-quality materials to ensure your belongings stay safe and secure.

In fact, our sheds have been tested out in the real world for more than 25 years! No matter the weather, you can guarantee that our Amish sheds in New Jersey will be durable and stay looking great for many years.

How exactly do we deliver a shed or garage to your home? At Pleasant Run Structures, once you book your perfect shed, you will receive a call to ensure that the site you want the shed placed on will be completely ready by the time of delivery. We will give you an estimated time of delivery right after you place your order.

If you are unsure about the estimated delivery time, we’ll try our best to deliver it when it fits into your schedule. The next step before delivery will be a discussion about the best route to reach your desired location as well as an estimated time of arrival. After that, your new quality shed will be ready for you in no time!

So, check out our website and take a look at all of the amazing Amish sheds in New Jersey that we offer. You can view our gallery, our delivery process, our tips and tricks in choosing a foundation or view all of our customization options.

If you have any questions: we even have a frequently asked questions page where you can get additional information. If your question or concern still isn’t answered, call us at 1 (800) 440-2138 or click here!

We will see you soon.


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