11 – Custom Nottingham Garage

Whether you are looking to keep your vehicle from the elements or store your yard tools and power equipment, a garage from Pleasant Run Structures make a great additions to your home. Single wide’s come standard with a solid floor able to handle anything you can drive into it. They have 2 windows with a garage door and single access door standard. Our double wide’s have 2 garage doors with 4 windows standard and an access door. You can add a second story, bolt to a concrete pad, substitute a double wide garage door in place of 2 singles, etc. These are huge structures that will most likely require permits from you town. Please make sure you check with them first as to what the requirements are. We can supply stamped engineered drawings if need be.

  • Options Shown:
  • Mushroom Siding
  • Custom Doors
  • Stone Facing
  • Dormers with windows
  • Wall Height Increase
  • Interior Options
  • Additional Garage Doors
  • Arched Garage Openings
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