Choosing the right foundation

A proper foundation is the key to getting the most out of you Shed or Pool Cabana. Although there are three main types of foundations, certain town’s zoning laws may limit your selection. Remember, Swing Town LLC is not responsible for zoning and permit laws. You may choose to not contact your town and fly under the radar(which is a popular option).
We will provide you with all the specifications you need for the foundation you choose. Here is a brief description of each:

Stone Bed – This is the least expensive of the three. Although a stone bed is acceptable, it does not prevent the settling of your shed over time. Now, by settling we do not mean that your structure is going to sink like a ship. Your shed could shift an inch or two which would require you to re-level it to maintain proper door jamb gaps.

We suggest using ¾ inch clean stone, at a depth of 4 inches, extending 1 foot out past all of the walls. The surface of the gravel must be level to ensure a proper installation. The 1 foot extension will limit rain fall from splashing dirt up onto the walls. The gravel will help to keep animals from digging under your shed as they do not like to dig in gravel.

Concrete Footings – This is an affordable way to not only insure a solid foundation for your shed or pool cabana, but also appease most town’s zoning requirements. Regardless as to whether your installation area is level or not, this method will yield solid results. All that is needed to be done is to dig a series of holes which will have footing tubes placed inside of them. We will provide you with a diagram showing the recommended location of each hole for the shed or pool cabana you are purchasing. Once the tubes are in place, concrete needs to be poured up to the top of each tube. Once filled, a bracket should be inserted into the top of the concrete. This bracket will later be used to fasten the runners to the concrete tubes.

Concrete Slab – This is the best way to provide a foundation for your shed or pool cabana. It should be done by a professional and can be costly. We will provide you with a pressure treated bottom plate to protect your structure from moisture build up. One of the best benefits is the ability to eliminate the wood floor and use the concrete foundation instead. If you are thinking about tiling your shed floor, a concrete pad will save you money and headaches in the long run. Concrete pads are also required if you plan on using any type of stone siding on the exterior of your structure.

We cannot emphasize enough as to how important your foundation is. Please make sure the time is taken to ensure that the foundation has been installed correctly. If you hire a contractor to do this part, place a level on the area once he is finished. The bubble must be within the level lines or the work was not done correctly.

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