Put a Goalsetter Basketball Hoop in your Yard or Driveway
Pleasant Run Structures New Jersey Basketball Hoop

Put a Goalsetter Basketball Hoop in your Yard or Driveway

Article was published on: 02/26/21

Is it possible the next Steph Curry is dribbling a basketball in your driveway every day?

Help your son or daughter get their basketball careers off to a great start when you buy basketball hoops in New Jersey from Pleasant Run Structures. We’re the exclusive retailer of Goalsetter basketball hoops in the tri-state area and can help you install the right type of hoop at your home that will provide hours of uninterrupted fun and practice time for your kids.

Your decision to buy basketball hoops in New Jersey from Goalsetter will make your driveway the hottest ticket in the neighborhood. Your young athletes won’t need to go to the gym or down to the park to play with their friends to work on their games. Instead, all they have to do is get out of the house and start shooting jump shots or free throws in the driveway.

All Goalsetter basketball hoops are manufactured in the U.S. and will be delivered right to your home. When you buy basketball hoops in New Jersey from Goalsetter, every system has a tempered glass backboard and is coated with a corrosion-resistant paint that will keep it looking great for years.

Figuring out what type of goal you want for your home is a decision that a homeowner will need to make. Goalsetter makes an in-ground system that can be used in driveways and concrete pads, or a wall-mounted goal that can be attached to the outside of a house or standalone structure, or mounted indoors to an interior wall.

One of the big benefits of a wall-mounted system from Goalsetter is that your basketball hoop is never in the way. It’s attached to the side of your house or located above the garage so it doesn’t have to be moved to make room for your cars or is not a constant eyesore at the end of your driveway. Wall-mounted systems are securely fastened to the framing of your home so it will stand up to constant use without sagging or pulling loose from the framing.

Goalsetter wall-mounted goals are available in two styles, one that is equipped with a height-adjustment mechanism that can be moved to accommodate players of all ages, and a space-saving unit that is mounted in a stationary position just 7.5 inches from the wall. The space-saving unit is not available with a height-adjustment mechanism.

Goalsetter’s wall-mounted units are equipped with a height-adjustment mechanism that are available in seven different sizes, with the backboard stationed a full 3 feet from the wall for increased safety. The hoop can be set at heights ranging from 6 to 10 feet and the backboard can be purchased in sizes ranging from 36 inches to 54 inches.

Goalsetter also has traditional in-ground goals in several styles and sizes that are equipped with a hinged ground anchor that allows easy assembly. The best part of the hinged ground anchor is the pole, backboard and hoop can be moved if the family moves, and can be re-assembled at a new location just by purchasing a new ground anchor.

If it’s time to buy basketball hoops in New Jersey for your children, call Pleasant Run Structures today at 908.237.1325 or visit https://pleasantrunstructures.com/goalsetter-basketball/ for more information. Pleasant Run has two New Jersey locations for your convenience, one in Flemington and the other in Parsippany. Let us help you get a basketball hoop the entire family can use for years.

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