Talk to Pleasant Run Structures About Building a Pool House
Pleasant Run Structures New Jersey Amish Pool House

Talk to Pleasant Run Structures About Building a Pool House

Article was published on: 03/12/21

Winter is not exactly the time most people are thinking about enjoying the pool, but it might be the perfect time to start considering if you want to build an Amish pool house in New Jersey to complement your new outdoor living area.

You’ve taken the plunge and invested in a beautiful new pool that will give the kids a place to spend time and entertain friends in the summer. But you also want the pool area to serve as a family retreat, where you and your spouse can relax after a hard week at the office or have friends over for wine and cocktails on a calm summer evening.

An Amish pool house in New Jersey built by Pleasant Run Structures can solve just about any design specifications you might be envisioning. Our team of design experts will work with you to create a pool house that can serve as a storage option for pool toys, outdoor furniture, and chemicals, or a lavish outdoor retreat where parties and family functions can be hosted.

Pleasant Run Structures has decades of construction experience with all types of outdoor buildings. We have designed and built hundreds of pool houses throughout the Northeast, and can build the custom pool house that will make your outdoor living space the envy of the neighborhood.

What purpose do you want your Amish pool house in New Jersey to serve? Here are just a few ideas that we think will help you make the right decision for your home.

An eye on entertaining

If you want your pool house to be a gathering place for family and friends, there’s really no limit to the high quality materials and finishes that can be used. Create a seating area with beautiful furniture where people can relax and enjoy water or incorporate a gas fire pit into a covered porch design where people can huddle around a warm blaze during the colder periods of the fall and spring.

A mother-in-law retreat?

Depending on how large you want your pool house to be, you might consider it to be a guest room for your mother-in-law or other guests that drop by. Building a separate living space with a custom built bathroom and kitchenette can add great value to your property and give guests (especially those that visit too often) their own space that’s not inside your home.

Keep the traffic outdoors

Here’s a scenario that anyone who has ever had a pool has experienced. Five minutes after the kids and their friends get in the water, one of them has to use the bathroom. Create a pool house that includes a powder room and a changing room and keep wet feet, wet towels, and wet swimsuits from finding their way inside your home.

Expand your storage capacity

Pool toys, pool equipment and chemicals, and pool furniture can take up an inordinate amount of space in a basement or garage, so building a storage space where all the pool paraphernalia can be stored in one place can make a huge difference for most homeowners. If storage is the main goal of your pool house, you can save thousands of dollars in construction costs because the facility may not require heating, electricity, or plumbing. Keep that in mind when you’re considering what function your Amish pool house in New Jersey may be used for.

Take a look at some of our pool houses by visiting either of the Pleasant Run Structures’ locations in Flemington, NJ, or Parsippany, NJ. We have models on display in our outdoor showrooms that can give you a good idea of what can be designed and built for you, or bring a sketch with you and we’ll discuss your ideas.

Schedule a design consultation with a member of our team by calling 908.237.1325, or go to and take a look at our online portfolio if you want some design ideas. We look forward to speaking to you.

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