Decorating Tips for your Amish Pergola from Pleasant Run
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Decorating Tips for your Amish Pergola from Pleasant Run

Article was published on: 05/14/22

An Amish pergola can elevate the look of any yard. Pergolas compliment a home and can be decorated to fit your style, whether you prefer a modern look, a rustic feel, or a garden sanctuary. The versatility of the lattice roof lends a little shade while still letting sunlight through. 

Decorating Tips for your Amish Pergola from Pleasant Run

Pergolas are the focal point of many beautiful yards and are a perfect addition for people who will be hosting outdoor parties. They even make for a great place to relax and get some peace and quiet.

At Pleasant Run Structures, we know how to make a durable, high-quality Amish pergola. Our craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail remain unmatched in the industry. Our pergolas for sale come in various styles: traditional, artisanal, vinyl, and shaded. 

An Amish pergola, when fully decorated, looks stunning and classy! Fit for weddings, barbecues, and reunions, a wooden pergola or a vinyl pergola can be the chosen outdoor structure for many people looking to upgrade and add value to their yard. When planning to decorate your pergola, design it to meet the needs of how you want to utilize your outdoor space.


Creating ambiance in your Amish pergola transitions a fun day outside into an inviting, illuminated evening where the fun doesn’t stop. The lighting can be romantic, magical, intimate, fun, and fancy. So light up the night in your outdoor entertaining space!

String lights shed a soft, warm glow. Fairy lights are dainty and perfect for creating an enchanting evening, while large bulb string lights are modern and spark creative conversations.

Lantern lights create an adventurous, magical feel. The dreamy illumination of paper lanterns gives a sense that you’re in the middle of a fairytale. In contrast, industrial and vintage lanterns can feel exciting, like being transported to another time.

Torches grab attention and create a fun atmosphere. They give a sense that the party host is well-traveled with compelling stories. Torches are perfect for an exciting game night or a late barbecue. 


Pergolas lend a little shade by themselves, but adding another shade element creates a functional, visually appealing outdoor entertaining area. Adding a shade element to your Amish pergola shields you from the sun and lends an invitation to your guests to sit and relax.

Curtains and shades create a beautiful backdrop when drawn shut and an upscale design element when left open. Sheer curtains look regal while offering a little light filtration and bug protection, while printed textile curtains provide a little more shade and excitement. Shades can add texture and are sufficient in blocking harsh sun rays without creating a dark, dreary place. Bamboo shades fit a naturalist style, while fabric shades are more versatile. 

Canopies and awnings offer a little more shade when the sun is at its peak. Adding a canopy or awning adds to a pergola’s versatility and functionality. With a canopy or awning, you can enjoy light rain outdoors without getting rained on yourself. Woven canopies, true to traditional pergola design, leave open areas in the roof to let sunlight in, while retractable awnings offer solid roof shade.

Outdoor Furniture

No matter how you plan on using your pergola, a seating area is a must. Otherwise, your pergola will not get any use or be enjoyed to its fullest extent. Outdoor dining sets are great for barbecues and entertaining your guests with a meal outdoors. 

Lounge sets and hammocks create a perfectly serene environment to relax in. Porch swings add charm and uniqueness. The furniture you choose reflects the activities you plan on hosting.


Plants are dominating design everywhere! And why not? They are naturally beautiful. Adding plants spruces up your pergola with vivid color and relaxing greenery.

Potted plants in an Amish pergola give a gardenesque entertaining space, while climbing plants offer a more wild, yet still classy, atmosphere. 

Our Amish pergolas are profoundly authentic and crafted with passion and meticulous engineering. We make our structure unique and compelling. This sets our pergolas apart from pergola kits or other inferior wood and vinyl do-it-yourself construction.

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