Here’s how to Design your Dream Amish Pavilion in New Jersey
Pleasant Run Structures New Jersey Amish Pavillion

Here’s how to Design your Dream Amish Pavilion in New Jersey

Article was published on: 05/28/22

Here’s how to Design your Dream Amish Pavilion in New Jersey

You’re thinking about creating an Amish pavilion in New Jersey for your backyard, but you’re not sure whether there will be design limitations that may affect the type of pavilion you are considering.

Here’s how to Design your Dream Amish Pavilion in New Jersey

The good news is that backyard pavilions can be built to just about any specifications so the only real limitations are your imagination. An Amish pavilion in New Jersey can be as large or small, luxurious or comfy, or modern and traditional as you desire.

Outdoor pavilions have been enjoyed for centuries and were once considered a symbol of status and wealth. The British elite often entertained royalty and guests under stately outdoor pavilions that conveyed a certain standing in society.

Pavilions in today’s world are more often an extension of a home where families can gather and mingle in the shade during the day or enjoy the cool air and stars at night.

The design options for an Amish pavilion in New Jersey are limitless. Pavilions can be built with a roof to protect homeowners and guests from the elements, or can have an open or partially open structure that allows the sun to beam through during the day but gives people spectacular views of the stars at night. Pavilions can be constructed with three walls or no walls, and the only constraints may be determined by the size of the budget.

Our design team at Pleasant Run Structures can design the perfect retreat for your home. Getting started is easy. Give us a call to start a discussion about the size of your pavilion and what options you are considering. Together, we’ll create a structurally-sound pavilion that will stand up to the snow loads and extreme temperatures of the Northeast but be beautiful as well.

Pleasant Run Structures has two locations (one in Flemington, NJ, and the other in Parsippany, NJ) where you can take a look at an example of an Amish pavilion in New Jersey. Visitors to one of our locations can browse through pavilions that could create an outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for years.

We build four types of pavilions.

  • Preston Pavilion: This is our most popular option and is built for entertaining. There’s a covered living space and room for a bar, seating area, or built-in barbecue or kitchen. Cover the columns in custom millwork or stone and accessorize them with sconces, hanging plants, or other items to get just the look you’re hoping for.
  • Newport Pavilion: This model will add style and grace to any home. Designed with parties and outdoor gatherings in mind, it can be placed next to a pool or as an extension of a patio or outdoor living area. The interior can be customized for a changing room, shower, bathroom, or lounge area.
  • Doherty Pavilion: The model features elegant double doors, windows and a porch framed with columns that make this pavilion feel like it was transported from a Southern estate. The A-frame cathedral ceiling can include a full or partial loft for storage space.
  • Cabana Pavilion: Just like the name implies, this model can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. Get the party started with drinks while you relax around a bar. Add a grill, small refrigerator, or stone countertop for more fun in the sun. Siding options can make your cabana classy or dressed-down.

Get in touch with a Pleasant Run Structures’ representative today at 1-800-440-2138 to schedule a consultation, or visit us here for a look at our online portfolio. We can build the outdoor structure you’re seeking.


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