All About Circus Castle Rainbow Swing Sets in New Jersey
Pleasant Run Structures Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey

All About Circus Castle Rainbow Swing Sets in New Jersey

Article was published on: 04/19/21

If you’re looking to purchase a swing set for your child but have no clue where to start, we’re here to help you find the right Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey. Words such as Circus, Sunshine, Rainbow, and King Kong may be swimming in your head, so we’re here to break down one of our entry-level swing sets: the Circus Castle. The Circus Castle swing set comes in ten different configurations, so let’s discuss our three most popular.

1. Circus Castle Pkg II Popular (9B)

All three of our most popular Circus Castle models have the fan favorite 10 foot wave slide. However, some of the other popular features of the 9B model include: the red, yellow, and blue canopy, the trapeze combo, and the 360° tire swing. Both the 9B model and the 11G model have 11 different play features for nonstop fun.

As your child climbs up this model’s Timber Rock Wall Ladder, they’ll pretend they’ve made the arduous trek up Mount Everest or maybe they’re climbing up a tower to save the princess. Regardless of what they’re imagining, the possibilities with this model are endless.

2. Circus Castle Pkg IV Popular (9E)

The 9E model sets itself apart from the 9B and 11G models with a total of 15 play features. Some of the popular features include: the 10 foot wave slide, the 360° tire swing, Tic-Tac-Toe panel, and the sling swing. The biggest difference between this model and the other two is it’s size. It has not one, but two red, yellow, and blue canopies.

Two canopies means your child will be able to invite all their friends over. Whether your child and their friends are pretending to be rivaling pirate crews or want to use one canopy as a bakery and the other as a fairy hut, the 9E model is the perfect playset for a crowd. This is also the only model out of the three Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey that includes a set of monkey bars.

3. Circus Turbo Castle Pkg II Popular (11G)

The 11G and 9B models both have 11 play features, making the biggest difference between the two the size of the 11G model. The 11G model is a little bit bigger than the 9B model. Head over to one of our showroom locations to get a feel for the size difference and check out our wide variety of wooden swing sets.

With 2 slide swings and a trapeze combo on this model, your child can swing along with two other friends pretending to be able to blast off to touch the moon. This swing set model is guaranteed to get your kids outside every afternoon for some outdoor play.

Pleasant Run Structures is a playground equipment supplier in New Jersey that exclusively deals Rainbow play systems swing sets. Visit Pleasant Run Structures online to see our whole collection of Rainbow swing sets in New Jersey. Pleasant Run Structures also has two showroom locations in Hunterdon County and Parsippany to view the swing sets in person.

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