20 – Sterling With Hinged Roof

When possible sterling sheds are delivered in one piece with the roof collapsed as shown above. Jacks are used to raise the sections into place. If we cannot drive right back to the area they must be built on site. Sterling Sheds are our 2 story structures. They do not come standard with a second story but you have the options to add a stair case and a second level if you choose. They come standard with 2 24×36 Windows, wider roof overhangs, double doors, 2×6 Floor Joists 12″ on center to support the weight of the walls, a 12/12 roof Pitch, and canterbury Gable Vents. Please note these cannot be delivered finished as they are too tall. We have a few different options depending on your property as to how to finish building them.

  • Options Shown
  • Traditional Dormer
  • Additional Window
  • Additional Door


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